i’ll be honest. i know nothing about men’s fashion. i just know what i think looks good on a guy, and in my opinion, my friend garrett dresses just right.

first, his snazzy button up and white pants. i thought it was super appropriate for the weather too since it’s just starting to cool down in tennessee. it was pulled together too which is definitely something to say when the average high school boy just lives in jeans and t-shirts. plus, he had on his toms for this shoot which always look good.

then, there’s his hair. i love his hair. is there anything else to say about? he works some pomade through it and styles accordingly.

his last outfit was my favorite. i hope i’m not the only girl that loves a guy in a tank top. plus, the red was a great color choice. his jeans fit right, and he just looked like a really cool dude. don’t you agree?